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At Vacation Rental Magic, we understand that cleaning is just the beginning. 


Whether you have a one bedroom cottage or a six bedroom estate, the difference between a good vacation rental, and a great vacation rental is the personal touches that make your guests know that they are VIP's.


As vacation rental owners ourselves, we understand that it's the small personal details and staging in your vacation rental that will get you the consistent five star reviews that keep guests coming back.


Staging your vacation rental doesn't cost more, it just looks like it does. Simple touches such as; a hand written welcome note, a bottle of wine, and gourmet chocolates, are just a few examples of small details that make a huge difference to your guests experience. 


If you enjoy managing your guest bookings, questions and issues, more power to you! But if you need someone close by your vacation rental or just don't want to get those 2am phone calls, then we can help!

We offer 24/7 property management and we are certified property managers*. For as little as $100.00 per month, we will take phone calls at any hour and do site visits to ensure your guests are following  county vacation laws. 

Let us take the worry out of renting.

Larry and Jordan Bearg


*By Sonoma county. San Juan county does not require certification

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"Larry and Jordan's suggestions made my vacation rental so much better. The hand written note, bottle of wine, and Peet's Coffee really made my guests feel welcome in my home.



“VRM is all about the details. My house was spotless. And they never forget all the small touches that make my home extra inviting.”


Mary & Andrew

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